A Shattered Bond. A Broken Pack. A Chance at a New Beginning. 

With everything that’s happened in the last few months — love, loss, pain, and strife — Wolf Alpha Harper Blake knows it's time for her to step up and take leadership of the pack she loves dearly. Her men are all struggling, doing their best to start over and heal their open wounds, all of which will take time and a healthy dose of Harper's love and attention.

But that’s not the only complication for the pack. Neo, a wolf shifter with a firecracker personality has arrived, and he could be the key to locating the man who’s desperate to rule the entire wolf shifter race. Neo’s appearance has caused strain within the pack, but as Harper spends time him, she begins to see another side to his personality — one that is hidden perfectly from everyone but her.

In order to prevent a war, the Heir Wolf Alphas of each Cardinal Pack must come together and make an alliance, but there’s only one position per pack and many rival candidates. Fights will arise and only the worthy will climb the ranks to the top. Harper must do whatever it takes to claim her rightful position and protect her pack, even if it means she has to get a little messy.

Harper may have succeeded in claiming her pack, but if she wants to bring her men back together and prove a point to her enemies, it's time for her to take the next step.

It’s time for her to proclaim her pack.





"If you survive this place, Tara, remember that Mutants with good intentions never forsake their own.” 

Those were her mother's last words, right before The Society ripped Tara away, just because she’s different. Tara’s a Mutant, superior in strength, psychic ability, intelligence, and skill.

Now she’s been living with other captured mutants within the walls of The Fundamental Society. The Society’s mission? Gather the survivors, those Mutants that didn’t die in captivity, and use them as lab rats to further Human ingenuity.

Tara assumes this is her life now, but a chance mistake leads to her escape. She tastes freedom, for precious, short minutes...and comes across a group of sexy, stern guys who happen to be Mutants – seconds before her electro-shock wristlet turns back on.

She wakes up somewhere strange, but wonderful: Mutant Academy, a place where Mutants live and learn in harmony. It’s competitive, but it’s an opportunity that will allow her to leave her lab years in the past…forever.

This is Tara’s first real chance at freedom, surrounded by those she can trust, grow, and love as a woman, rather than a living experiment. At least, it’s supposed to be. 

Even within the cloistered walls of Mutant Academy, not everything is as safe and sound as it seems.

In a twisted game of cat-and-mouse, Tara must figure out who the real predator is — otherwise she’ll forever be the lab rat. 

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