Celestia's Trick Or Treat Mayhem

part of the

What Goes Bump In The Night Anthology

Celestia's Trick Or Treat Mayhem Blurb:

When a fun group Halloween date turns into trick or treat mayhem, one brave unicorn shifter has to go on the fearful search to find her six men.

Celestia and her group of men are excited to join the Halloween Festival at Aslan Academy. With a quest to find lots of treats in Omako Forest, they excitingly enjoy their first trick or treat activities.

Little do they know that darkness is lurking in the shadows and with one wrong move, Celestia and her Team of Misfits plunge into a dark hole. Celestia is left alone and on a new mission: locate her men before Halloween ends.

A task as simple as hide and seek won't be difficult for Celestia's cunning skills, but what if every test challenges how intimate she is with each of her men?

Kisses, hugs, bites, and passionate sex. Maybe the darkness isn't as scary as it's perceived. It could very well be the place that reveals their most hidden desires.

What Goes Bump In The Night Anthology Blurb:

Have you ever been tempted to investigate that scratching noise coming from under your bed? 

Or the shadows that seem to shift on the wall from the corner of your eye? Well, this is your chance... 

Sometimes the monsters that watch you from the darkness aren’t scary—they’re sexy. 

And, of course... sometimes they’re both. 

Discover what really goes bump in the night with 18 of your favorite Reverse Harem Authors in this Halloween Anthology filled with 16 deliciously naughty stories that will give you only treats; no tricks... unless you beg for some, that is. 

This collection is teeming with never-before-seen Paranormal Romance tales that will sate and satisfy as much as they intrigue. Prepare yourself for a glimpse of the threshold between our world and the supernatural with angels, demons, witches, werewolves, elves, and so much more!