S.S.S: Year 3

When being different leads to the best years of your life. 

After a party goes horribly wrong, Silver Spell Solange wakes up to some surprising news that changes everything she grew up believing. The thread of betrayal runs deep, making her question her very identity. As secrets are unravel left and right, she’s forced to step up and confront the hidden truth her father never wanted her to find out.

But time is short. Silver only has three brief months — her summer vacation — to dig into her family’s past for the information she needs. Because year three at Supernatural Spy School is just around the corner, and it’s going to be life-changing for her and the four loyal shifters who have vowed to stay by her side through thick and thin.

However, not everything is going smoothly within their team's dynamics. Tensions skyrocket when Wolfgang becomes more protective than usual and easy-going Dimitri grows combative. Add in Ryuu's sudden mood swings and Yuriel's random disappearances, and Silver finds herself struggling more than ever to give an equal part of herself to each of them.

With a spy hiding in the shadows, the stakes are raised. Silver and her team must either catch the enemy or watch SSS lose its prestigious glory. For there’s a mysterious organization desperate to claim Silver and her power and it’s doing its best to bring down SSS once and for all. 

Year Three is about to be a speed chase as the Dean changes the curriculum entirely and Silver and the guys are thrown into the field — literally — headfirst. 

Magic tattoo parlors, sneaky doctors, and floods of lava — Silver and her men will face all this and more as they crank up the heat in spy school.

Available: August 2, 2019