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Avery Song's Blazing Academy is apart of this epic bundle of academy stories!


Some clueless, others, already powerful, these protagonists are about to face more than they bargained for…
In the Midnight Academy collection, you’ll follow seven stories set in enticing paranormal worlds where being late for class is the least of their problems.

From immortal princes to normal human girls, shifters and witches, there’s an academy for every taste. 
Midnight Academy is only available temporarily, so grab it while you can!

Master of Álfheimr—May Sage:
Twins. One girl, one boy, both destined to rule the empire. 
Lenka and Nikandre are the two sides of the coin that will dictate the fate of the world.
Only, fate hasn’t yet chosen heads or tails.

Blazing Academy—Avery Song:
When Alice Blaze is transferred to yet another school, she hopes the rumors regarding her flaming trouble streak will be left behind her. Add the fact that her mother abandoned her, and her dad is an alcoholic, she has no choice but to follow her grandparent's rules. With shattering windows and questionable circumstances, will Alice be able to find an academy that can handle the scorching power following her?

Blackwood Magic—LJ Swallow:
Matt is trouble, and Amelia can’t help but admire his magic skills. 
Now if only he could stop misusing them, he might just avoid expulsion…

Dark Water Academy—S.L. Morgan:
Wolf shifter Jenna Silvers is ready to take on the sexy and antagonistic strong Alpha wolf, Dominic Rossi in a challenge to prove female shifters are just as strong. 
Once on the challenge quest, both shifters get more than they bargained for.

The Call of Avalon—L. Cross:
‪Artura Drake earns an invitation to attend the mysterious Sword of Avalon Academy—she just needs to survive the entrance exams. Unfortunately for her, that means taking down a troll that appears on test day. With a pen as her sword, and a laptop as her shield, she faces down her first magical foe.‬‬‬

California Magic—Erin Bedford:
Callie moved hundreds of miles away to attend the California Academy for Witches and Wizards. There's only one tiny problem…Callie's human.