First official semester at Unicorn Academy? Check. 
Bodyguard and familiar constantly being protective? Check. 
Three crazy unicorn shifters fighting to date me? NOT Check! 

When my life seems to crash down with one revelation after another, I end up at Unicorn academy, one of the only unicorn shifter schools in all of the dimensions. Getting accepted at the perfect timing was what I needed from the madness sprouting left and right.

I didn't, however, think it would lead me to be added into a team of five other unicorn shifters, my bodyguard boyfriend, my seductive familiar, the nerd boy, the alpha-omega-whatever-he-is, and the very prince I thought I'd escaped from.

When semester two starts off with a bang and freezing allergies, I'm the only who can keep this five-man army from killing one another before our midterms.

My dreams of the girl with prism eyes grow in frequency, and with my trouble with shifting still in effect, I start to realize I have far more power than I've been told.

Will Semester Two at Unicorn Academy help me unlock my potential, or will things go haywire with my five men army? We're about to find out.

Available: August 18,   2019