My name is Daniel Moore— healer, star knight, and lover. 

I never had any ambition to become a stronger healer. I'd rather sleep all day, than train like my fellow knights, using the excuse of being an angel shifter and having no problem healing a few cuts and bruises should the need arise. I couldn't imagine a time when advancing my skills would be worth the time and effort...until now.

When I saw the woman I loved in a pool of blood, I realized I'd been a fool for all these cycles. Now, as her star knight and lover, I must do everything in my power to heal her. To help bring back that smile we all love and adore.

That starts with me. I must learn to face my darkest fears and family problems. I also need to move past a death that has haunted me for cycles, one that I didn't cause, but blame myself for anyway. 

I'm tired of running, exhausted from the continuous struggle of fighting my internal battles alone and pushing away the ones I love.

It's time I face my fears, so eventually, I'll be strong enough to face my Princess once more. 

~In Stars We Trust~