To taste freedom is a slave's dream, but can it truly be one's reality? 

Escaping Thom's cruel hands has offered me a breath of fresh air. To feel the consensual touch of others and find pleasure in our heartbreak and shared pain has given me a chance to heal. Our pasts have defined each of us, and though none of us are perfect, we strive for the same blissful dream.

For a mere moment, I believe that I'm free from Thom’s shackles of pain and humiliation. That my legs will heal, and I'll be able to dance and discover all the hidden secrets in my magical black feathers.

I am wrong. 

Thom has returned, my life is on the line, and I can only hope the men who relieved some of the lingering pain in my body, heart, and soul can rise to the challenge against the man who is intent on owning — and ruining — me.

Confrontation, fights, and the precarious decisions threaten us as I try to stay alive and defy my Master. My men were the salvation I needed to spread my wings, and it's time for me fly. Time for me to help them as we fight for what we believe in.

A war has begun, and all I can hope is that I find the strength to lead us to victory. 

Warning: This is an 80,000+ word Dark Paranormal Romance that covers dark themes including trigger topics. Read at your own discretion. 

Available: August     11,   2019