Facing the Storm


Calming the storm inside me was a challenge. Now it's time to face it. 

My name is Crimson Jiyuna and I just revealed the truth. To think Homatomashi’s golden girl who was mourned by many, was the culprit for years of growing chaos and crime.

The truth of it all is a lot to handle and for some, too much to bear. As much as I want to comfort my men, I have to deal with my own wounds that are still raw. Not to mention my growing sympathy for my ex-boyfriend who may not be as evil as I thought he could be.

The clock is ticking and N.R.O. is doing everything in their power to cause calamity in Homatomashi and across the world, but I can't allow them to succeed. White Eyes is what stands in our way and if he's left undefeated, war will be the end result.

With one crystal left for me to retrieve, and my goal to finish N.R.O. once and for all, it's time for me to wrap my wounds and aim to heal my guards for the final fight in this uprising.

Facing this storm will be the most challenging thing I've ever done, but with my men, familiars, family, and the people of Homatomashi, it's time to claim back the peace amongst all races and fight to become victorious.

FACING THE STORM is the FINAL in the Crimson Storm Trilogy