Forgotten Fairytale


What if your life was like a forgotten fairytale? Would you cry in despair at losing the memories of a story you held so dearly? Or move on to start a new chapter, deciding to accept your fate?

That's exactly how I feel about my current dilemma as I face this new world. My name is Mako, code name: Deadly Butterfly. Adjusting to my new environment is a struggle during the day, while dreams that feel like memories haunt me at night. Regardless of my inability to accept this place as my new home, I have little to no time to consider my predicament.

My mission? To hunt rogues that are kidnapping children and shifters with high potential and throwing them in the hidden facilities across the realms.

My duty? To rid the world of them, one by one, with my new best friend Ann and my mysterious partner who sends tingles of pleasure through me with just a smile or a glance from his gorgeous ruby eyes.

Time is of the essence and my instincts tell me there is a lot more going on than meets the eye. The only problem is that in order to finally connect the dots and discover the meaning of the mark on the back of my hand, I will have to do the one thing I'm fighting so hard to achieve: to remember the fairytale I have little hope of regaining.

All I can do now is pray to the Starlight gods. Maybe then, my lost memories will find their way home to me.

~In Stars, We Trust~