Forgotten Fairytale 2


What if your life was like a forgotten fairytale? Would you cry in despair at losing the memories of a story you held so dearly? Or move on to start a new chapter, deciding to accept your fate? 

That's how I previously felt until I face the men from my past. Isa is right about one thing—remembering a life you once lived is painful, but will it end up being a blessing in disguise? 

I'm not just Mako or Bloody Butterfly. I'm also Makoto Heart, Princess of Heila, and I will one day be Queen. The transition from feeling alone to having five star knights, two brothers, and loving parents who had done so much to bring me home is a lot to handle. Maybe too much. 

With Nikolai protectively by my side, he helps to ease my fears, and it leaves me wondering if he's a star knight too. I decide to go back to where it all began with the hope that maybe I'll be able to recover my memories of the men who remain true to their love for me. 

The clock is ticking, and my instincts are on high alert as a group of rogues targets the Starlight Reaper who has killed many of their comrades. I'm not afraid of their challenge, but what will it cost me?

All I can do is pray to the Starlight gods and hope to regain the love I once lost.

~In Stars, We Trust~