Reflections of Us


Brighten Magic Academy held its set of challenges, but it didn't prepare us for the one year as Brighten Elite. 

A year has passed since my boyfriends and I made the executive decision to join the Brighten Elite. Not only did our experiences during our year away strengthen our use of magic, it reinforced the bonds in our relationships- both with me as a male and female.

With a more confident attitude and power to go along with it, we're back at Brighten Magic Academy for our final year, but not everyone is pleased with our return. Students are dying, professors are going missing, and someone is out to ensure I stop breathing before I reach graduation ceremony. 

Not to forget my primary goal: to find the organization that is keeping my loved one imprisoned to lure me into whatever scheme they're hatching.

Being a male showed me a different side of life, and with it came benefits that would help me end the brewing war. With Logan, Nixon, Braxton, Maximus, Kage, and Zane by my side, we will show our hidden enemies what a true Mage Warrior can do.

Will we prevail before we walk the stage of our graduation ceremony? We're about to find out.