Reflections Trilogy

Three FULL LENGTH (737 pages) of the Best Selling Series. 

This box set includes the three books in the Brighten Magic Academy Series: 


What do you do when your Mother signs you up for the prestigious Brighten Academy of Magic? You pack up your things, grab your familiar, and pray this doesn’t go horribly wrong. 

Having a sweet Mother like mine, whose mind is slowly deteriorating thanks to her Alzheimer’s, it’s my role to make her happy. After my older brother’s death, I vowed to make her smile and do whatever she asked.

So when she pulls some strings and gets me a golden ticket into the all male school, Brighten Magic Academy, there’s no way I can refuse.

Well here I am, stuck in a dorm house with six sexy males - their attraction having no chill and magic that can make you fall to your knees in submission.

But I can survive this trial because I’m a boy. Well, between you and me, I’m a girl using magic, pretending to be a guy, but you get my dilemma.

What’s the worst that can happen? I guess you're about to find out. 


Surviving my first semester at Brighten Magic Academy wasn't as simple as I thought it would be. 

Being a male was HARD, especially for a girl like me, but who would have thought I'd enjoy the pleasures of being a male, such as learning how to aim my weenie correctly in less than a week? As adventurous as it all sounds, it led me down a path full of trials and a near-death incident I'd never want to experience again.

After four weeks, two of which I was unconscious and recovering from my wounds, I struggled to regain what I'd forgotten, which left a strain in my friendships; or should I say relationships?

With bullies from Maximus’ past returning for round two, Braxton dealing with personal issues he'd rather fight alone, Kage being followed by a mysterious person, and Nixon experiencing nightmares every night, I had my hands full.

Logan tried his best to keep us from tearing at one another's throats, but with the tension of the next set of classes and with expectations rising higher with each passing day, his attempts only acted to add gasoline to the fire. It's Zane's turn to prove himself and help bring us back together.

But with crazy mage competitions, intense familiar battles, and haunting silver eyes that continued to watch my every move, would we even last long enough to find the real culprit of this game? 

Or would we die trying? 


Brighten Magic Academy held its set of challenges, but it didn't prepare us for the one year as Brighten Elite. 

A year has passed since my boyfriends and I made the executive decision to join the Brighten Elite. Not only did our experiences during our year away strengthen our use of magic, it reinforced the bonds in our relationships- both with me as a male and female.

With a more confident attitude and power to go along with it, we're back at Brighten Magic Academy for our final year, but not everyone is pleased with our return. Students are dying, professors are going missing, and someone is out to ensure I stop breathing before I reach graduation ceremony. 

Not to forget my primary goal: to find the organization that is keeping my loved one imprisoned to lure me into whatever scheme they're hatching.

Being a male showed me a different side of life, and with it came benefits that would help me end the brewing war. With Logan, Nixon, Braxton, Maximus, Kage, and Zane by my side, we will show our hidden enemies what a true Mage Warrior can do.

Will we prevail before we walk the stage of our graduation ceremony? We're about to find out.