seduce my blood


When seduction runs in your veins, what better way to use it than making yourself a millionaire? 

I never wanted to be the sole succubus-vampire hybrid in the overpopulated city of New York. In fact, I would have been fine with being a vampire, seriously.

You see, mama dearest had a onetime fling, got preggos and gave birth to little old me. As much as she wanted to win the best mother award, she couldn't ignore her succubus ways for long, hopping from man to man while I was stuck at home, vowing to never be like her. She finally settled with my stepdad...he’s another matter.

Now, I use my powers of seduction to establish my business: Last Resort. Your best friend bailed for your double date? I got you. Your maid of honor got food poisoning? Say no more. You need me to take your place at the NYC champion pole dancing competition? Pay me extra and I’ll get you first place.

I didn’t think my next gig as a sub-in secretary would lead me to one of the four richest entrepreneurs in NYC – or that I'd come to meet his three predecessors at a later date. Did I mention he was a hot sexy vampire who could resist my charm long enough to strike a conversation? Extra brownie points.

But a forbidden connection introduces trouble and confusion, leaving me as a prime target.

Will I be able to seduce my way out of this? Or will the seduction in my blood go sour? 

Seduce My Blood is a NEW, Paranormal REVERSE HAREM TRILOGY that will leave you begging for more. 

Recommended for 18+ audiences, containing mature sexual content and strong language. This is a fast pace romance and the main lead will end up with MULTIPLE men. You've been warned.