seduce my LOVE


The seduction in my veins not only brings me two loving mates but opens the path to a third lover who holds knowledge and power. Will it help me rekindle a broken bond with a family member or lead me astray when the tension between races thickens? 

Being a private secretary to NYC billionaires proves to be a lot easier than expected. It becomes even more interesting when I get to add a third individual who loves bacon more than anything and is NYC's third billionaire. 

As I continue my MIA status with my job, my focus is centered on becoming stronger as a triple hybrid. My limits will be tested and so will my identities as I, Anastasia of Last Resort, have to face parts of my past that I'm not ready to confront. 

Unknown enemies are lurking around the busy streets of NYC, and their new target? Me. 

With new challenges coming left and right, it's going to take the help from Liam, Brian, Pixel, and a new arrival to help me survive. As for Alexander? Maybe my decision was for the better.

It's time for me to prove what I can do, and as long as my cacti are watered with some extra TLC, these new enemies will wish they never picked a fight with me. 

Will I be able to seduce my way out of this? Or will the seduction in my blood turn sour?