S.S.S: Year 2

When being different leads to the best years of your life. 

Powerful witch Silver Spell Solange always dreamed of getting into S.S.S Academy. When she finally achieved it, she couldn't have been happier. Making it through the first year at the prestigious academy was more challenging than she could have expected, but it also introduced her to four unique shifter boyfriends — not to mention Star, her adorable uni-kitten familiar.

The gang is hoping for a peaceful break between semesters in order to relax and explore their relationship. But summer is breezing by, and after a shocking discovery, Silver and her men must take things into their own hands to learn more about the magical ring on her finger and the powers it truly possesses.

Year One may have been hard, but it had nothing on the challenges that Year Two brings. Some students will rise, others will fall, and through it all, Silver must make sure she can keep her men together no matter what crazy obstacles and tests they're about to endure.

Silver might be prepared for what S.S.S. Academy has in store. But something else — something even darker and more dangerous — is happening in the shadows of the school, and it has a certain ex-boyfriend’s name written all over it.

Can Silver manage to juggle everything that this second year will throw at her? Or will she fail before the final exam?