Visionary awakened


Objects can hold the deadliest of secrets- ones that can make or break you. 

Scarlet Sinclair didn't think her gift would lead her to a new position as the first female criminal investigator on Team Seven of Paranormal INC. She also didn't realize she'd fall to her death and live to tell the tale.

With her newly acquired powers as a shifter and the special object within her beating heart, she must now learn about her secret past and embrace her new role as the Elemental.

But time is of the essence as a new group of criminals seek the Stone of Awakening and will do anything to rid the world of the Elemental's existence.

With PINC still recovering from the bomb and with cases coming in left and right, Scarlet must find a way to balance her professional life and her relationships with her men who are still dealing with the impact of her near-death experience.

Car chases, cage fights, and fire outbursts across the city, it's time for the Visionary Elemental to awaken and allow the elements to rain down on her enemies and thwart their plan of destruction.

Every person has a past. Every object holds a tale. 

Visionary Awakened is Book 2 in the new paranormal reverse harem series. It is a FULL-LENGTH 90,000-word novel.