Visionary Starlight St. Patrick's Day


Two different worlds – one unique connection – a whole lot of alcohol. 

St. Patrick’s Day, a time where humans celebrate the heritage and culture of the Irish with parades, parties, drinking … and a lot of green.

Makoto Heart and her star knights – Ryder, Daniel, Elias, and Kai – travel down to Earthala to run some errands since Marcus is stuck on knight duty. Who would have guessed their arrival would be the day before the St. Paddy weekend extravaganza event happening in L.A.?

With no idea what to expect, Makoto is excited to jump into the Irish spirit in hopes of enjoying some of their traditions – including a good old game of beer pong.

Of course, her brothers won’t let her have all the fun as they surprise the group as their chaperones for the event.

Scarlet Sinclair wins a bunch of tickets to some St. Paddy's Extravaganza event happening in her own city thanks to the spin of a lucky wheel. Little did she know her best friend from Heila was coming to town. With enough tickets to cover Junho, Ethan, Christian and her bestie Cece, Scarlet’s excited to join groups and have a blast drinking and partying all night long.

Drunk games, lap dances, strip games and more – Makoto, Scarlet, and their friends didn’t expect the weekend to be filled with so much fun. 

But with those two involved, there’s always a wave of trouble waiting for them. 

VxS- St. Patricks Day is the FINAL in the series.