Wish For Me 3


A life of despair, a heart-crippling desire, and a desperate wish to belong. 

When I experience a horrible nightmare, I assume that's all it is. After Luke, Owen, and Jeremiah encourage me to confront Mother Fantasia, I finally find out that there's more to my existence than I previously believed.

Now it’s my turn to help Cole fight the demons from his haunting past, and with the guidance of the others, we uncover even more to this mystery.

Having to balance the art of wishing while trying to discover who I truly am is a difficult task especially when confronted with a new question: who is the Jinn of Rebirth?

Or should I say was?

I’m not willing to give up the love I share with four amazing Jinns. I'm ready to face these new challenges and secure my spot in this new world. Evil is lurking in the depths of Fantasia, and we have one shot to make our actions count.

I guess the saying is true - Be careful what you wish for...