Wish For Me 4

A life of despair, a heart-crippling desire, and a desperate wish to belong. 

I thought after mastering the four arts of wishing, I would finally be given a break to spend time with my lovers Cole, Luke, Owen, and Jeremiah. Little did I know that Mother Fantasia had other plans for me.

Due to the pounding headache that almost cripples me and the familiar purple and pink petals that rain down from my surroundings, I'm left in a moment of confusion before a powerful wish summons me out of Fantasia.

For my first official day as Destiny the Merciful, the person I encounter is NOT whom I expected. Given the task of granting his wish to belong, it’s now my duty to connect the dots and figure out the final puzzle pieces in the Jinn of Rebirth's mystery.

The love with my men will be tested, but our bonds will be strengthened if we can manage to win the final showdown happening in the heart of Fantasia. Will the evil impostor lurking in disguise get what he wants? Or can the five of us eliminate the threat before all is lost?

I guess the saying is true: Be careful what you wish for... 

Available: May 12, 2019