Beings who play host to great power and strength in the form of magic. It is gifted to individuals or stolen from relics that hold ancient text to forbidden elements. Some consider magic a blessing. Others wish they could gain more to be the best of the best.

As for me? I’ve been cursed with the bloody power, and I don’t want it!

I was at peace with my simple life as a farm girl. High school had brewed enough trouble for me, creating my reputation as Beautiful Alice with a heart full of coal.

I thought I’d left my boy troubles behind, but then I’m introduced to five men who randomly appear out of NOWHERE—emphasis on the nowhere—and they claim I’m needed to fulfill a prophecy.

A page of words that says I’m destined to do great things, blah blah blah. You get me. Well, I’m not fulfilling any prophecies, and I’m certainly not going on a journey with five random strangers who are as good-looking as the males who model for Vogue.

Someone wants to take whatever magic I have away, and as delightful as that sounds, it seems my life is attached to it. Whatever the plan is, I won’t be a part of it because it involves me using magic, and there is no way I’ll accept being a witch.


Witch Me Not is currently a part of the Hunters and Prey: These Alpha Females Don't Need Saving Anthology.