Wolf Bonded

An Undiscovered Past. A Chance To Start Over. A Throne Waiting For Her To Claim.


When my eyes are closed, all I see are memories. Some are mine, while others are a past I never lived. The shock of death has left me empty, something I should have expected would occur as a fledgling Wolf Omega.


Yet, a new person enters my life, one who was destined to be by my side, one who seems to know me more than I know myself. His presence brings tranquility within my mind and body – my other men of my life beg to differ.


I'm struggling. There's nothing to hide when you're struggling to identify who you are now and who you were back then, but time is not on my side. I'm sought out for my memories gaining the evidence I need to bring Jasper down in his ruling, but do I want to fight?


To be a lone wolf among other wolves leaves me wishing for a bond. To be Wolf Bonded to the people who will help me have enough strength to tackle the enemies lurking for ultimate power. My only problem is deciding who to bond with.


Or is it best to run from it all?


For the sake of all that is right, I, Kira Damaris, must break the bonds that chain me.

Available: July 21,   2019